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Diana B Hawkins HCA/240 Bobbie Brooks CheckPoint: 2 Week 4 CHECKPOINT: 2 RADIO AD Everyone tells us when we are young that eating healthy and staying active will make us big and strong, and that is a fact. By eating a proper diet and staying fit for example: fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, and dairy products in moderations will play a big part in your life as one gets older as well. When we become older our bones become thinner and may also weaken. This makes it a high risk for our bones to fracture more easily from a fall; if you are diagnosed with Osteoporosis the risk becomes much higher. The joints begin to get stiff and make it much harder to stay active due to the pain in our joints. If one develops arthritis it also becomes
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Unformatted text preview: difficult to stay active due to pain and swelling in the joints that limits movement in our bodies. There is good news though… we can prevent some of these things from happening as we get older by staying active and eating healthy. Did anyone know that individuals that stay active by exercising and maintain a healthy diet are less likely to develop arthritis or Osteoporosis? We can also supplement our bodies by taking vitamins rich in calcium and vitamin D. For more information on staying healthy and keeping our body’s strong visit you doctor to see what they recommend....
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