Lab 4 sample - Yunqi Li COMM121H December 1, 2009 LAB 4...

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Yunqi Li COMM121H December 1, 2009 LAB 4 ASSIGNMENT: APPLICATION OUTLINE (25 points) (Please copy this document from your CD, paste into a new document, and insert your answers) Your outline should not exceed two single spaced pages, Times New Roman, 12 pt font. This is an outline: limit your answers to 2-3 sentences per point, no full paragraphs. I. Introduction (4 points) ___ (2) Briefly remind us of the problem in your relationship, the concept that helped you understand it and your action plan for improving it. I will discuss my interpersonal relationship with my mother, who tries to be strict with me and hopes I can behave under her guide, as she has more life experience and deeper perspective of humanity, while I somewhat have an emotional character and tend to act following my intuition and interest. The generation gap, personality differences and cultural discrepancies cause the conflicts between us. I chose Assertiveness and constructive conflict to help me understand it. Since the conflicts between my mother and me can be defined as a “destructive conflict,” I plan to take action to be more assertive and make the conflicts constructive. ___(2) Introduce your classmate and tell us to the role he/she will play in your skill demonstration. Today Samantha is going to be my partner, and take on the role of my mother. II. Application (16 points) Prepare a script in advance that demonstrates 1) your previous communication behavior in this relationship 2) your new communication behavior in this relationship, based on your application of the concept you chose to focus on. Use the format below: ___ (8) Before:
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Mother: Why do you insist on majoring in math? Do you think you are smart enough to get straight A in all the upper division math courses? I think you should change your mind and choose Economics in the UC application form. Vicky: No, Mum. I don’t want to change my mind and my career goal. I love my
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Lab 4 sample - Yunqi Li COMM121H December 1, 2009 LAB 4...

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