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Unit 2Letter Package - can do My advice to you is to start...

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I. E-mail Dear staff Please take a close look on the above e-mail it has been sent from our department to one of our valued customers experiencing a problem with a product that was purchased from our store. I would like to stress some rather serious flaws that I see as being problematic with the tone the above correspondence relay to our customer. We should not start letter with negative information We cannot say that client did something wrong Example: (The indicated iron oxidation deterioration phenomenon is probably the result of your lack of utilization of the proper maintenance) It is not necessary to point that is not our fault We should not repeat twice to be understand Example: In very first sentence (the one-year warranty expired six months ago). By the end of the email (The warranty in your case expired six months ago, as I explained earlier) We cannot be in the business if we have no solution. Example: (The warranty in your case expired six months ago, as I explained earlier, so there's nothing we
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Unformatted text preview: can do) My advice to you is to start simply and clearly. Use good, confident tone. Use short, concise paragraphs. Provide a choice to the client. I believe writing and communicating well are the main keys to success. Sincerely, Silviya Yovcheva, Customer Service Supervisor II. Revised Letter Dear Mr. Largo We received your request for replacement of your refrigerator. Our records indicate that you made your purchase eighteen months ago. This product came with one year warranty and at this time it is not longer being covered. Unfortunately we are unable to replace your refrigerator, but we would like to offer you a $50.00 discount coupon to buy a new refrigerator from our company. We can also provide you a free delivery to your place of residence. If you have any questions, please call me at 1-800-600-7755, ext. 456. Sincerely, Silviya Yovcheva Customer Service...
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