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Unit 3 Taming the Email Monster

Unit 3 Taming the Email Monster - information are vital for...

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The article is so comprehensive and suggestive that it could have easily served as a guide to the new corporate e-mail user in year 2004. Even though back then the Internet was already being a decade old world wide phenomena, the organized corporate e-mail systems were still in its infancy. Today there are hardly any individuals, either seasoned professionals or young college graduates just entering the corporate world that are not being familiar with all these proper procedures and principles of effective digital communication, and yet the need for constant supervision and education for proper use of this media on the workplace are ever increasing. The e-mail, instant ant messaging and in more and more occasions the need for presence in the social networks are considered nowadays a daily routine tasks not existent just a decade ago. The ability for today’s worker to filter, store and follow on the daily inflow of
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Unformatted text preview: information are vital for the proper functioning of any size organization. This is what makes Varas article still so relevant to this day. But how original would be in 2010 an article discussing concerns over corporations ability to manage its data because of e-mail usage?! It wouldnt be too serious of a headline considering the long way the data management technology came in the last couple of years and what it did for the way business organizations store and access their enormous amount of data. There are so many new innovations coming all the time that help us stay in touch with what is important or not so to us. Often its overwhelming keeping with all of them till eventually they become a standard, a mass produced commodity that everybody is using and then we understand how the world is not the same anymore....
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