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Unit 5 Evan Thomas - -It is very important when you write...

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Evan Thomas always gets my attention with his clear way to explain his theory. That is happened at this time too. And everything he said is very easy to be remembered. In this video he is talking about most common mistakes that writers do: -Zigzag (a lot of buts or however).We need to write in a more linear straightforward fashion. -It is critically important to have clear topic sentences. -To be a good writer you need good source of information, good research.
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Unformatted text preview: -It is very important when you write to include a counter argument.- Do not overwhelmed your readers, only use the essential stuff.-Avoid the Russian novel problem (do not have too many plots and characters: do not use too many adjectives and adverbs).- Write in your own voice. The most important lesson that I get from Evan Thomas is write simply and clearly....
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