Unit 5 teory into practice disscution

Unit 5 teory into practice disscution - Flood and Thomas...

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Prior to the start of this class my writing lacked certain qualities that were less then professional for the audience I was trying to communicate. On the first day of class I read the “welcome” e-mail that I sent Dr. Sparks for the purpose of introducing myself. I had written the email in capital letters not realizing the meaning of capitalizing words (shouting) or that it might be received in a negative and aggressive manner. I realized what I had written and after reading chapter 2 of Flood and watching the Thomas video.
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Unformatted text preview: Flood and Thomas clearly explained the meaning and I felt terrible. This class has given me the tools to improve my witting by: 1. Write simply and clearly. 2. Know your audience. 3. Use BLOT. 4. Always follow a good tone. 5. Do not waste a subject line. 6. Check punctuation and grammar. These tools will help me build the necessary skills to be an effective business writer in order to communicate to my audience. I really enjoyed and appreciate the class. Thank you. Best regards, Silviya Yovcheva...
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