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Memo To: Recipient’s Name, Recipient’s Title From: Your Name, Your Title CC: Name and title of individuals you want to copy in on your correspondence; if there are no courtesy copies, leave this line off Date: The date you are sending the memo Subject: A clear subject line reflecting the focus of your document This document serves as an example of the memo layout used for business communications. The guidelines detailed in this memo can assist you in developing effective, clear, succinct business memos. Make certain you use the proper memo format and include the to/from/date and subject at the top flush left position as shown above . Make certain your subject is clear, precise, and complete. Open your memo with the most important point or the purpose of the memo in the first paragraph. Tell the reader why you are writing, putting the Bottom Line On Top (B.L.O.T.). Include enough white space between paragraphs to provide white space.
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Unformatted text preview: Give your rationale or supporting reasons for your request in the middle of the document. Explain why it is important that you receive a positive response to your request. Detail how it will help the organization. Provide the specifications of the request, for example date, time, cost, location, etc. Discuss the main points in the body of the memo. In the final paragraph sum up the memo and thank the reader for their time and attention. You should restate the most important point. Dont forget to include your contact information in all correspondence. This makes it easier for the recipient to find you . You can put your email and telephone numbers in the last paragraph. A salutation is not needed. Please let me know if you have any questions. You may post questions in the Virtual Office, or you may email me directly at [email protected] . I am also available on IM at CatherineFFlynn....
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