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GB 513 Final Project - compared to Gamma Units The linear...

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GB 513 Final Project Submitted to Mr. Jerry Gladstone General Manager TermoStar Prepared by Silviya Yovcheva Manager Human Recourses TermoStar Date July 7, 2010
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July 7, 2010 Mr. Jerry Gladstone, General Manager TermoStar 3900 N.W. Broward Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL.33301 Dear Mr. Gladstone: Now more than ever, we are challenging to do the best for our company. Using the date you provide me I measured expectation through probability statistics. I can provide a several graphs. This graph shows percentage of the total sales is for each product line. From the data provided – although figures tend to indicate that is much more cost effective to sell Alpha and Beta Units
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Unformatted text preview: compared to Gamma Units. The linear model shows data that cycles. Cost is independent variable and unit sold is dependant variable. We can see positive leaner relationship with correlation >0 and slope of regression line >0.The regression line is upward sloping. As cost increases, units sold should increase too. This regression line appears like a good fit. Based on the analytics the model we have is suitable for business decision making. Sincerely, Silviya Yovcheva Manager Human Recourses...
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