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unit 3 analysis - What was the larger system in which it...

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Case Analysis — Tip of the Iceberg What was the primary system described in the story? What were the parts of that system? What was the system’s purpose? The primary system in the story was supply and demand. It is also through negotiation and compromise as a result of the penguins and walruses’ desire to end their unmet needs for food. The system was comprised of the iceberg, penguins, walruses and clams. Other contributing factors were hunger, teamwork, communication and supply. The purpose of the system was for the penguins and walruses to form a partnership in order to address the hunger of both groups.
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Unformatted text preview: What was the larger system in which it was embedded? What were some of its smaller “subsystems”? Systems could range from simple to complex. There are numerous types of systems (biological system, for example, the brain; continuous system, for example, solids, fluids) The larger system that is embedded was the ecosystem that compromised the ocean and the iceberg. Some of the smaller subsystems included are the increase of population of the penguins and walruses, limited land space, and increase in poor attitudes and boundary issues....
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