Unit 3 Manager's Toolbox

Unit 3 Manager's Toolbox - Manager's Toolbox: Polarity...

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Manager's Toolbox: Polarity Skills Project Submitted to: Mr. Jerry Gladstone Vice president Prepared by Silviya Yovcheva Manager Human Recourses Date August 3, 2010 August 3, 2010
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Mr. Jerry Gladstone, Vice President 3900 N.W. Broward Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL.33301 Dear Mr. Gladstone: We live in a polarized world. Every organization I am involved with seems to be confronted with issues of polarity. To illustrate the point, ask yourself a question. Which is more important to breathing; inhaling or exhaling? The question is absurd because breathing is the oscillation between these two polar activities. Polarity Management allows leaders and organizations to identify interdependent pairs and plan for using the best of both, while avoiding their downsides. The question, for example, is NOT whether to seek stability or change but how to plan for both. The question is NOT whether to centralize or decentralize but how to optimize the benefits of these poles, allowing the organization to move easily between the two to accommodate their ever changing needs. When polarities are managed to obtain the best of both conditions, the tension between the poles is converted into creative energy. When the tension between stability and change is balanced well, you will
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Unit 3 Manager's Toolbox - Manager's Toolbox: Polarity...

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