Unit 5 Manager's Toolbox — Integrative Thinking

Unit 5 Manager's Toolbox — Integrative...

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Manager's Toolbox — Integrative Thinking Submitted to Dr. Thomas Boam GB500 Business Perspectives Prepared by Silviya Yovcheva Date August 18, 2010
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The most important in the business is to be “good” and effective thinker A current problem situation in my organization is improper categorizing of product sales being reported to accounting. Just to give a brief synopsis, our department processes trades. It is easy to mistake one trade type for the other. Step 1 ( Conventional ) When trades are received identify the trade type and write in on the paperwork. Step 2 Since all funds received are going to our company, it really shouldn’t matter what category is used. Our company will ultimately receive the credit for all sales. Step 3 When trades are categorizes improperly, it creates havoc for the accounting department because they report the totals to other departments. Accounting will let us know every time an error is found so that can research it and submit the corrections. Step 4
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Unit 5 Manager's Toolbox — Integrative...

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