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AHIS 6-History of Modern Art CRN# 21313 Fall Semester August 23-December 8, 2010 MW 1:15-2:40pm Building 26D-2220 Instructor: Dr. Staci Gem Scheiwiller E-Mail: [email protected] Office Hours: By Appointment Blackboard: Course Description: Examines the artistic movements, infuences, and individuals forming the Modern tradition. Course Objectives: This course provides a foundation in the modern visual arts, beginning at the late nineteenth century until the 1970s, leading up to Postmodernism. We will examine major artistic developments and practices in the contexts of cultural and historical settings, focusing on how those developments arose, appeared, and/or transformed. A major portion of the class will be allocated to examining important texts by famous artists and critics. By the end of the course, you will understand the rise and meaning of Modernism as it relates to the expression of modernity and the conditions of modern life. In addition, we will define the “avant-garde” as a generative force in Modern Art and debate whether or not there is still a living avant-garde in artistic practice today. Requirements: Attendance and Participation: 15% Quiz (9/20): 10% Midterm (10/13): 25% Final Exam (12/8): 30% Research Paper (12/8): 20% Attendance and verbal participation in class are mandatory, as we will go over the writings and manifestos of artists and critics very carefully. I will only allot credit for an absence or allow a make-up exam with a proper note for an illness or other emergency. Please plan accordingly—do not remain in this course if you have a conflicting schedule or travel plans. The course will be on a 1000-point scale, so the midterm will be worth 250 points, etc. This way, you will be able to keep track of your own grade. 1
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Please turn off your cell phones--they are distracting to the class (that includes texting too!). Paper Assignment (Due 12/8): The research paper is a project that both the student and the professor devise, in order to further the student’s understanding of Modern Art. Students are required to meet with the professor at least once before the paper is due, preferably as soon as possible . You will need to cite at least threes sources aside from your textbook and Art in Theory . Absolutely no Internet sources are allowed as references EXCEPT the personal websites of LIVING artists, museums, or legitimate news agencies (such the BBC). If you think you have a genuine Internet source that does not fall into these categories, please contact me FIRST. The paper must be at least ten pages long. Please see Blackboard for definitions of plagiarism and instructions on how to cite sources. As part of your assignment, an electronic copy of your paper must be submitted
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Scheiwiller AHIS 6 syllabus (1) - 1 AHIS 6-History of...

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