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Jenkins, John Chapter 11 - 16 You lose all applications and...

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1. Because components, designed for portability, are much smaller. 2. EDO, SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM 3. Ni-Cad, NiMH, Li-Ion 4. AC adapter, Dc adapter, Battery Pack 5. The video inverter card. 6. Up to 3.3 mm – Up to 10.5 mm 7. Hot swappable 8. A socket service to create a logical socket to establish and disconnect communication and a card service to create the device driver. 9. Dongle 10. The add/remove hardware applet in control panel. Windows 98 uses the PC Card applet in control panel. 11. Download the latest XP service pack. 12. SO-RIMM 13. LCD panel, Hard Drive, motherboard, CPU, keyboard, PC Card socket, optical drive, floppy drive, sound card, AC adapter, battery pack 14. To ascertain the warranty status, and to determine what you may do with the laptop without voiding the warranty. 15. A DC Controller converts voltage to the CPU voltage.
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Unformatted text preview: 16. You lose all applications and data on the unit. 17. Windows Mobile, Blackberry 18. A port replicator is designed to provide AC power and to add extra ports so that it is easier to connect to your desktop I/O devices. A docking station is a port replicator that also has secondary storage. 19. Hard Drive 20. Type I & Type II both use 100-pin connectors. Type III uses 124-pins. 21. Channel Aggregation allow you to set up dual modem connections on two phone lines. 22. Because the OEM OS CD will contain important drivers and utilities particular to the notebook that it was designed for. 23. Check the bottom of the unit for model number, serial number, etc. 24. You must first access CMOS Setup to disable the component. 25. USB port, Serial port, infrared, Bluetooth...
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