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HW2b_09 solution - ME 18b HW 2 Due(accepted until 4 pm...

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1 ME 18b, HW 2 Due April 14, 2008 (accepted until 4 pm) STUDENTS NOTE: We will be taking a tour of Caltech’s cogeneration plant on Wilson Avenue on Tuesday April 7 from 1:15-2:15 pm. You will receive homework credit for attending this tour. Please plan accordingly. TAs for HW #2: Xaobai Li, TOM 212E, Mon & Fri 3-4 pm; Julianne Gould, SFL 318, Sun 4-6 pm. 1. Please describe 3 things that surprised or impressed you about the Caltech co-generation plant. These 3 things should be about power generation, cooling resources, pollution control, or some other engineering related topic. If you did not attend the tour, you will not be able to answer the question. 2. This question is a bit open ended so answer it however you wish. I’m expecting about a paragraph or two of information for your response. Do some background research on the Rankine cycle and write a summary of what you found out about it. Describe the person it was named after. When and where did he live, what did he do, when did he develop the cycle etc? Remember to cite your sources of information. 3. Rankine Cycle with Reheat: For the ideal steam cycle shown below calculate the net work and heat input to the cycle, the overall thermal efficiency and the moisture content of the steam leaving the low-pressure turbine. The conditions at state 3 are: 3 MPa and 400°C; state 5 is at 0.8 MPa and 400°C; state 1 pressure is at 10 kPa. Draw the process on a labeled T-s
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HW2b_09 solution - ME 18b HW 2 Due(accepted until 4 pm...

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