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Midterm-2 - Statics and Dynamics Me 35b(Winter 2009 Midterm...

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Statics and Dynamics - Me 35b (Winter 2009) Midterm Examination Due by Thursday, February 5th, 2:30pm Return exams to Maria Koeper, 321 Thomas Laboratory Note: (i) This midterm is open class textbook (Beer & Johnston). You may use your class notes and homework assignments. However, other resources like books, internet, etcetera, are not allowed. (ii) Calculators and symbolic algebra programs (such as Matlab, Maple, Mathematica) are allowed. (iii) This exam should be taken in one sitting of a maximum length of 1 hour. (iv) Draw clear diagrams, free-body diagrams and figures for your answers and calcula- tions. (v) Write coherently and succinctly the principles that you are applying. Points will be subtracted if your line of thought cannot be derived from your answer. 1
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Problem 1: A small object of mass m starts sliding down the track (Figure.1) from location A with the height h . The shape of the track to the right of the lowest point of the track is a semicircle with radius h/ 2. Let θ be the angle measured from the horizontal,
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