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Axia College Material Appendix F Patient and Caregiver Roles Matrix Patients and caregivers may conform to a specific role during a health care visit. This usually happens because of cultural background or the upbringing of either the patient or the caregiver. This assignment will help you understand the most common roles and how they can affect health communication and patient compliance. List at least two pros and two cons for each of the given patient and caregiver roles by filling in the appropriate spaces in the matrix below. Patient & Caregiver Roles PROS CONS Mechanics and machines It can help protect emotional space. If they could help every patient it could help the caregiver feel more confident about the care that they are giving. Restricts patient involvement in care and it don’t help with the patient emotional needs. Role distance the caregiver and make them distant from their patients, Parents and children The patient might feel more likely to do what the provider asks of
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Unformatted text preview: them. It limits what the caregiver gives to the patient as information wise it could be a plus for some doctors and be easier for them. Can cause death or even more injury to following the protocol. Cannot give the best treatment and they dismiss the skills and training they learned. Spiritualists and believers It can give confidence to both groups of people with this approach. It can give relief and value to what the provider can do for the patient. With this approach they can get in trouble and even sued for malpractice because they can’t treat the patient up to par because they can’t promise that it will work. Could use placebo over medical treatment and could hurt or even cause death in the patient. Providers and consumers Higher approach to better treatment because the provider could be pressed to find better treatment. If the provider need is put before the patient it could cause problems with the treatment. Partners HCA 230...
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