Assignment - Hispanic American Diversity

Assignment - Hispanic American Diversity - Assignment:...

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Assignment: Hispanic American Diversity From social origins and religion to art and cuisine, Hispanic Americans have a big impact on the United States. A Spanish-speaking person, from Mexico or Spain, and from Central America to Cuba are presented as Latino or Hispano. Below is a review of the political, linguistic, social, economic, religious, and familial principles. There are four Hispanic American groups, and how they have added to the affluent variety of American culture. Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican represent the fastest growing portion of Hispanic population in the U.S. and characterized by differences as well as similarities in various life aspects. Mexican Americans presently have established themselves more in economic, social, linguistic, and legal sphere. They make up one of the largest immigrant groups in the country, with their tradition accomplishing further back than other American groups. According to 2006 American Community Survey, a number of 28,339,354 from total Hispanic population of 44,252, 248 are Mexican Americans, which represents 64% of total Hispano. “The family unit is the single most important social unit in the life of Hispanics; the traditional concepts of manhood and womanhood, however, appear to be changing toward a more egalitarian model with increased exposure to American society; the majority of Mexicans are Roman Catholic.” (Warrix, M. Cultural Diversity: Eating in America. Mexican American, para. 8). Despite their strong pride of Hispanic heritage, the primary language of Mexican Americans is English. Although, many traditional cultural patterns persist, Mexican Americans’ closeness to their motherland is the reason of their slow rate of assimilation. Puerto Ricans is the next to the largest Hispanic group living in the United States. Puerto Rico
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Assignment - Hispanic American Diversity - Assignment:...

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