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Cultural View on Health - 1 Cultural Views on Health...

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1 Cultural Views on Health Cultural Views on Health Stephanie Hodge UOP- Axia College
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2 Cultural Views on Health Many cultural groups have trouble adapting to their environment. People adjust to various environments by finding ways to survive. No two cultures are exactly alike but culture is a universal experience. Cultural patterns are learned and medical providers should note that not all members of a particular culture share identical cultural experiences. Health tradition shows what people do from a traditional point of view, how to maintain, protect, and restore health; Picture health as an interrelated and complicated balance of all aspects of the person – the body, mind, and spirit. These aspects are in constant change over time, but completely related to the others and also related his culture. Culture does not have only one definition, often definitions are too general to have any real meaning. The most common definition of the term is the combination of the nonphysical traits, such as values, beliefs, attitudes, and customs, that are shared by a group of people and passed from one generation to the next (Spector, 2000). The diversity that occurs between cultural groups creates a difference on how health is distinguished; how rights and protections are practiced; what is considered to be a health problem, and how symptoms and concerns about the health problem are specified. One factor that affects health care is religion. Although the word has many definitions, religion
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Cultural View on Health - 1 Cultural Views on Health...

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