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Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist - Event Planning Checklist Purpose...

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Unformatted text preview: Event Planning Checklist Purpose The purpose of this tool is to provide a checklist to organize event planning activities before, during, and after the event. Event Planning Checklist Done Pre-Event Tasks Completed Invite Attendees and Send Pricing Details Enter Date Confirm Key Note Speaker Attendance Enter Date Line up Audio/Visual Crew if recording podcast Enter Date Determine Printing Requirements/Pricing Enter Date Create Badges or Credential Name Tags Enter Date Ensure Signage & Programs are Ordered Enter Date Discuss Event Team Roles & Responsibilities Enter Date Post Event on Website/Write Press Releases Enter Date Confirm Attendance with Phone Follow-ups Enter Date Review and Confirm Final Event Budget Enter Date Event Tasks Completed Confirm that all equipment has arrived OK Enter Date Conduct Pre-Event Meeting with Event Team Enter Date Check Venue Rooms: ensure staffed & ready Enter Date Find Local Restaurants/Attractions to suggest Enter Date Conduct Registration Process & Kick -off Enter Date Ensure all Speakers/VIPs are prepared Enter Date Conduct Rehearsals for Speakers/Workshops Enter Date Check sound/lights or other AV equipment Done Enter Date Determine Required Suppliers, i.e. Security Done Enter Date Make Reservations with Hotel/Catering etc. Enter Date Post-Event Tasks Completed Conduct Post-Project Evaluation & Budget Review to determine real costs for event Enter Date Perform Tradeshow ROI Calculation Enter Date Score Leads with Lead Scoring Index Enter Date Notes Notes Notes ...
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