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Unformatted text preview: Graphics Policy Exemption Form In nearly all cases, the Company logo must be used as outlined in the Graphics Use Policy. However, in the event an exemption is required, please fill out this form and return it to the Director of Marketing. If possible, include a sample of the publication or piece in question. Name/Date _________________________________________________________ Collateral for which you seek exemption (e.g, brochure, poster, Web site, etc.) _______________________________________________ _____________ 1. I wish to: ❐ Combine the Company logo with another of equal graphic importance ❐ Minimize the Company logo relative to another logo ❐ Drop the Company logo altogether 2. Please check all the following reasons why you are applying for exemption. (Use an additional sheet if necessary) ❐ Using the logo as outlined in the Graphics Use Policy will substantially inhibit the Organization from achieving its communications goals. EXPLAIN: ❐ Using the Organization’s logo as outlined in the Graphics Use Policy would violate laws, contractual agreements or regulations imposed by an external agency. EXPLAIN: ❐ Combining an external logo with the Organization’s logo would substantially enhance the communications capability of both groups. EXPLAIN: ❐ The Organization’s logo cannot represent the interest s of cooperating groups externally. EXPLAIN: ...
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