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Unformatted text preview: Partnership Marketing Agreement PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT BETWEEN Company ABC and Company XYZ. Partners This partnership agreement is made this XX day of XXXXXXXXX, 20XX, by and between: Company ABC Address: City/State/ZIP: Company XYZ Address: City/State/ZIP: Purpose/Scope The partners agree to construct a partnership based on mutual respect and trust that leverages the resources of all parties. The partners listed above hereby agree that they shall be considered partner s in business for the following purpose: State Purpose & Scope Here ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Goals & Measurements The primary goal of this partnership is: Goals will be based on the following measurements: Evaluation An annual evaluation will be conducted by both parties on the anniversary date of the Partnership signing. The evaluation will addres s trends and analyze data accumulated throughout the existence of the partnership. The analysis will include, but is not limited to: 1. List Metric #1 2. List Metric #2 3. List Metric #3 Benefits Mutual benefits of the partnership include: 1. List Benefit #1 2. List Benefit #2 3. List Benefit #3 Marketing Commitments Company ABC pledges to commit the following resources to the partnership: 1. List Resource #1 2. List Resource #2 3. List Resource #3 Company XYZ pledges to commit the following resources to the partnership: 1. List Resource #1 2. List Resource #2 3. List Resource #3 Review Protocols Review protocols may be added or removed via steering committee consensus without making modifications to this agreement Management & Operation of Partnership A steering committee will be designated consisting of members from Company ABC and Company XYZ . Steering committee representatives will consist of representatives from all stakeholders. The purpose of the steering committee will be to develop an implementation plan, review data and re ports, and to resolve any issues that arise during the course of this partnership. Employee & Employer Rights Employee awareness and involvement will be facilitated through the contractual processes developed by Company ABC and Company XYZ . The parties also agree to consider other processes as needs present themselves. Term of Partnership This agreement will terminate on _______________. If any signatory of this agreement wishes to terminate their participation prior to the established termination date, written notice of the intent to withdraw must be provided to all other signatories. Any signatory may also propose modification or amendment of the agreement. PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT BETWEEN COMPANY ABC AND COMPANY XYZ SIGNATURE PAGE FOR COMPANY ABC Steve Tollinger CEO Date FOR COMPANY XYZ Bruce Trident CEO Date ...
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