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Unformatted text preview: Social Media Implementation Checklist Description of Tasks Research Use Demand Metric's "Top Social Media Sites Database" to gain a better understanding of when to use over 70 of the top social media sites Conduct an internal audit of existing channels (specifically online - Website, Blogs, Groups, etc.) and use our "Website Audit Tool" to document results Use Demand Metric's "Social Media Readiness Assessment" to determine if you are ready to start a Social Media program Review current online marketing/communication activities and identify GAPs in your "Marketing Communications Plan" for the upcoming year Benchmark Current Efforts (ex. Postings...Good vs. Bad, Successful vs. Disaster) - Internal & External Environment Identify Internal Stakeholders and Main Contributors (Departments, Personnel, etc.) for existing Social Media efforts Identify External (3rd Party) Thought Leaders & Conversation Drivers (Industry, Topic & Market Specific) Jim Sally Bob Jessica Mike Jim Jordan 1-Feb-10 2-Feb-10 3-Feb-10 4-Feb-10 5-Feb-10 6-Feb-10 8-Feb-10 Owner Due Date Status Completed Completed Overdue At Risk At Risk Overdue On Hold Competitors Visit your competitors websites and conduct a review/audit based on their interaction in the online space Set up Google Alerts to get email updates on the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic Use Demand Metric's "Competitive Social Media Tracking Tool" to monitor your competitors based on Topic Posts, Followers, Interactions, etc. Conduct a Market/Industry analysis to gain a better understand of how social media is being used in your space Bob Jim Bob Bob 1-Mar-10 7-Feb-10 1-Mar-10 1-Mar-10 On Track Overdue On Track At Risk Customers Use Demand Metric's "Social Media Survey Template" to identify opportunities and get a better understanding of how your customers are using social media Conduct additional research (focus groups, product feedback, etc.) to gain insight into customer interactions and experience Use Demand Metric's "Customer Profile Template" to identify "early adopters" and who to approach using new channels Bob Sally Mike 1-Mar-10 1-Mar-10 1-Mar-10 On Track On Hold On Track Business Case Objectives & KPIs have been documented using Demand Metric's "Social Media Strategy Scorecard" A competitive evaluation has been formalized, documented and presented to key stakeholders Project Scope is well defined and documented Social Media "Use Cases" have been evaluated, documented and an action plan has been created A Business Impact Analysis, ROI Calculation, Cost-Benefit Analysis has been conducted Project Schedule has been created (Phased Approach if necessary) Channel selection and decision making criterion have been explained and communicated to key stakeholders Use Demand Metric's "Social Media Prioritization Tool" to select the best social media channels Resource requirements (including contributors) have been selected and allocated to ensure project success Risks and Contingency Plans have been created, documented, reviewed and approved Use Demand Metric's "Social Media Business Case Template" to organize your research, make recommendations and to formalize your case for Social Media Use Demand Metric's "Social Media Channel Map" to formalize and present your action plan for implementation and to obtain approval Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan 1-Jun-10 1-Jun-10 1-Jun-10 1-Jun-10 1-Jun-10 1-Jun-10 1-Jun-10 1-Jun-10 1-Jun-10 1-Jun-10 1-Jun-10 1-Jun-10 On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track Governance & Support Senior Management buy-in and sign-off has been obtained and documented Business Case has been formally approved Use Demand Metric's "Social Media Policy & Guidelines" to create reasonable guidelines for online behavior by employees & contractors who use Social Media The Employee Manual has been updated to include Social Media policies Jordan Jordan Mike Bob 1-Jul-10 1-Jul-10 1-Aug-10 1-Aug-10 On Track On Track On Track On Track Provide Social Media Training to employees & contractors Update Terms of Use Policy on all corporate websites, blogs and intranets Bob Mike 1-Aug-10 1-Aug-10 On Track On Track Technology Conduct an IT audit of infrastructure, bandwidth, and systems to insure a smooth integration A dedicated staff member has been allocated to work as a liaison between Marketing and IT The IT department buy-in has been obtained and roles have been formalized Jim Jim Jim 1-Sep-10 1-Sep-10 1-Sep-10 On Track On Track On Track Scheduling Use Demand Metric's "Social Media Manager Job Description" to formalize the role of the Social Media Program Manager and/or to hire a specialist Content Research has been conducted and a detailed list of relevant conversations (postings, tweets, etc.) has been created Use Demand Metric's "Social Media Posting Schedule" to outline dates, times, topics, contributors and keywords Social Media activities have been added into the overall Marketing Communications Calendar & Plan (opportunity for integration have been identified) Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan 1-Oct-10 1-Oct-10 1-Oct-10 1-Oct-10 On Track On Track On Track On Track Implementation Create a "Facebook Page" and begin a dialogue with your audience Create a "Thought Leaders Blog" and begin email marketing to relevant lists Open Twitter Account and Send first "Tweet" Create a YouTube Channel and post product videos on YouTube Create a Flickr account and add most recent event pictures Request that employees create LinkedIn profiles and ask them to join your LinkedIn Community Add non-proprietary Whitepapers, Research, and Technical documents to Docstoc Add non- proprietary sales presentations and research to Slideshare Download Tweetdeck to streamline the content distribution and update process Review social content to ensure a distributed content program (email to friend, re-tweet, Digg, Reddit, ShareThis, etc.) is in place and functioning properly Jim Sally Jordan Mike Bob Jim Jim Bob Jordan Jordan 1-Nov-10 1-Dec-10 1-Dec-10 1-Nov-10 1-Dec-10 1-Dec-10 1-Nov-10 1-Dec-10 1-Nov-10 1-Nov-10 On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track On Track Metrics Audit Tracking and Analytics Tools for each Social Media channel selected (Google Analytics, Wordpress Admin Analytics, etc.) Use Demand Metric's customizable "Social Media Metrics Dashboard" to track pre-determined KPIs Formalize your reporting structure and share metrics with all stakeholders involved Based on the results of your Social Media program, continually refine and improve your Social Media efforts Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan 1-Nov-10 1-Nov-10 1-Nov-10 1-Nov-10 On Track On Track On Track On Track Social Media Implementation Checklist *Each of the following tools have hyperlinks to our corporate website and a one minute instructional video. Social Media Competitive Tracking Tool Social Media Business Case Template Social Media Consulting RFP Template Social Media Manager Job Description Social Media Channel Map Social Media Policy and Guidelines Social Media Posting Schedule 2010 Social Media Posting Schedule 2011 Social Media Channel Prioritization Tool Social Media Program Metrics Dashboard Social Media Readiness Assessment Social Media Strategy Scorecard Social Media Usage Survey Top Social Media Sites Database Check out our Website Section for additional tools. ...
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