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Unformatted text preview: Sustainability Report Template Purpose The purpose of this tool is to help you create a Sustainability Report. A Sustainability Report is a formal management communication document that provides internal and external stakeholders with all the informati on they need to rest assured that your organization is committed to sustainable development and growth. How to Use this Template Complete the following sections with your sustainability team: Sustainability at [company name]; Company Profile; Governance, Ethics, & Compliance; Employees; Environment, Health, & Safety; Product Responsibility; Supply Chain; Community Support; Economic Impacts; Sustainability Reporting. Update the look and feel of this document to reflect your corporate brand, and be sure to include many images that reinforce your message and show you in action. Table of Contents Page 1. Sustainability at [company name] 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Chairman & CEO Letter Our Approach to Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement Affiliations & Memberships 2. Company Profile 2.1 2.2 2.3 4 Corporate Overview Awards & Recognition Milestones 3. Governance, Ethics and Compliance 3.1 3.2 3 Corporate Governance Ethics & Compliance 4 4. Employees 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 Talent Management Compensation & Benefits Employee Engagement Diversity Work/Life Balance 5. Environment, Health and Safety 5.1 5.2 5.3 7 Economic Value Generated & Distributed 10. Sustainability Reporting 10.1 10.2 10.3 7 Donations, Scholarships and Sponsorships Employee Volunteering 9. Economic Impact 9.1 6 Supplier Management Supplier Diversity Greening the Supply Chain Customers 8. Community Support 8.1 8.2 6 Quality & Safety R & D and Design Materials Use Manufacturing Product Transport & Packaging Product End-of-Life 7. Supply Chain 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 5 Program Overview Environmental Performance Health & Safety Performance 6. Product Responsibility 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 6.6 5 External Reporting Standards GRI Index Auditor Verification Statement 8 1. Sustainability at [Company Name] 1.1 Chairman & CEO Letter Provide a brief letter from the CEO stating that sustainable development is a top priority for your organization . Communicate your commitment to your community, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and customers. Be sure to include a list of Sustainability Highlights which demonstrate achievements from the past year, and a list of Challenges for the upcoming year. 1.2 Our Approach to Sustainability Describe how sustainability practices are of practical business benefit, such as cost savings on energy, improved packaging designs, optimization of logistics, increased employee satisfaction & retention, customer loyalty. Provide a summary of your views towards sustainability and a brief summary of your focus areas with links to each of the key sections of your report: Governance, Ethics and Compliance – operating in an ethical manner and in accordance with the laws where the company operates. Employees – providing an excellent workplace for employees. Environment, Health and Safety – reducing the company’s environmental impact and ensuring health and safety of staff. Product Responsibility – integrated and sustainable development. Supply Chain – working to make our suppliers ‘greener’. Community Support – providing volunteers, donations, sch olarships, and sponsorships to our community to help it prosper. Economic Impacts – using our financial resources responsibly to ensure continued success and increase shareholder value. 1.3 Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder Group Description Activities & Engagement Communities Facilities in 6 states Interaction with governments Customers 25,000+ customers Customer Advisory Council Employees 500 employees Town Hall Meetings & Surveys Suppliers 250 suppliers Green Supplier Network Sourcing Investors Over 5000 investors Corporate Governance & Reporting 1.4 Affiliations & Memberships [Company Name] has relationships with a number of organizations related to various aspects of sustainability, including the following (provide list & links): 2. Company Profile 2.1 Corporate Overview Provide a description of your organization. 2.2 Awards & Recognition Provide a summary of any awards or recognition received for sustainability. 2.3 Milestones Provide a history of your organization and include any relevant milestones. 3. Governance, Ethics and Compliance 3.1 Corporate Governance Describe your corporate governance structure and key responsibilities. Document your corporate values, mission, and vision statements. 3.2 Ethics and Compliance Describe how your ethics and compliance function adheres to applicable laws and company policies. Include a statement from your Privacy Officer, and provide links to any business practice standards that are in effect. If there are any Codes of Ethics that you h ave adopted, add them here. 4. Employees 4.1 Talent Management Discuss how you align individual and corporate goals, conduct human capital planning, and assess and develop talent in your organization. Provide a summary of total employees, training programs available, education grant programs, or other activities that are contributing to a sustainable workforce. 4.2 Compensation & Benefits Provide a description of the total compensation packages and comment on how your organization sets executive officer compensation based on market data, business conditions, and company objectives. 4.3 Employee Engagement Provide a summary of results from employee satisfaction surveys. 4.4 Diversity Provide a statement about your mandate to create an equal oppo rtunity environment. Include statistics related to gender and ethnic diversity. 4.5 Work/Life Balance Provide a description of any programs that you have in place to assist your employees with living a balanced work and family life. Programs could include educational assistance, employee assistance & counseling programs, childcare support, alternative work arrangements such as flextime, telecommuting, part-time, job sharing, etc. 5. Environment, Health and Safety 5.1 Program Overview Provide a description of your Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) program’s objectives, initiatives, targets, and measures. 5.2 Environmental Performance Provide a report on how well you have achieved environmental goals related to: total waste, water usage, energy u sage, greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental incidents. Be honest about your challenges & achievements, and use key performance indicators (metrics) to back up your statements. 5.2 Health & Safety Performance Provide a report on how well you have achieved health & safety goals such as serious injuries, workplace accidents, worker’s compensation claims, etc. Be honest about your challenges & achievements, and use key performance indicators (metrics) to back up your statements. 6. Product Responsibility 6.1 Quality & Safety Provide a statement regarding your commitments to quality & safety. 6.2 R&D and Design Discuss your product development process as it relates to sustainable development. If you conduct a sustainability review, highlight the procedure. 6.3 Materials Use Describe how you ensure that products and packaging meet environmental design principles, avoid hazardous substances, minimize resources usage, and enhance opportunities for reducing, reusing, or recycling. 6.4 Manufacturing Provide a summary of your manufacturing standards as they relate to sustainability, safety, and the environment. 6.5 Product Transport & Packaging Describe how your organization is working to optimize its product transportation and packaging processes to become more efficient and environmentally-friendly. 6.6 Product End-of-Life Describe how your organization is involved in the repair, refurbishment, and recycling of your products at the end of their lifecycle. 7. Supply Chain 7.1 Supplier Management Provide a statement regarding your sustainability standards for suppliers. 7.2 Supplier Diversity Document your supplier spending for small businesses, minority -owned businesses, and women-owned businesses. 7.3 Greening the Supply Chain Discuss how you are helping your suppliers to get ‘greener’. Be sure to mention if you are involved with recruiting for the Green Suppliers Network. 7.4 Customers Discuss how your e-commerce initiatives are increasing efficiencies. 8. Community Support 8.1 Donations, Scholarships and Sponsorships Provide a report on all donations, scholarships, and sponsorships given this year. 8.2 Employee Volunteering Discuss your employee volunteering program and the impact it has made. 9. Economic Impact 9.1 Economic Value Generated & Distributed (Dollars in Thousands) 2005 ECONOMIC VALUE GENERATED Revenues Net Income ECONOMIC VALUE DISTRIBUTED SUPPLIERS Payments to Suppliers INVESTORS Interest, Net Common Stock Cash Dividends GOVERNMENTS Income Tax COMMUNITIES Cash Donations & Sponsorships Product Donations RETAINED/REINVESTED 2006 5,046 594 5,129 606 2,098 2,242 32 108 38 117 126 152 49 26 390 54 27 458 2007 10. Sustainability Reporting 10.1 External Reporting Standards [Company Name] recognizes the importance of external sustainability reporting standards to promote relevant, transparent and comparable disclosure of company performance. We use the Global Reporting Initiative’s G3 Guidelines as our standard reporting framework. 10.2 GRI Index Based on the Global Reporting Initiative’s Application Levels , we self-declare this report to application level (A, B, C, or D). 10.3 Auditor Verification Statement Provide a statement from your auditor indicating that they have audited your facilities and verified claims in your sustainability report. Be sure to provide contact details for the Auditor. ...
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