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Executive Summary © 2009 Demand Metric Research Corporation Communicating Social Values Improves Brand Fortune 500 companies have recognized significant benefits by successfully promoting civic virtues such as Sustainability, Community, Sponsorship, Charity, and Environment. Although benefits like improved brand integrity are intangible, they can h a v e a s i g n i f i c a n t i m p a c t o n a c o m p a n y ' s l o n g -term success. Increase brand value by developing a communication plan for the organization's social values. What is Social Value Messaging? Social Value Messaging demonstrates a l i g nm e n t o f c o r p o r a t e g o a l s w i t h t h o s e o f t h e organizations key stakeholders such as customers, employees, and partners. Social V a l u e M e s s a g i n g p r o g r a m s a r e n o t s u n k c o
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19747047-Communicating-Social-Values-Improves-Brand -...

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