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Unformatted text preview: Executive Summary Opening a New Office Location Moving into a new office can be a very stressful task. Not only is it imperative to select the right location for your business, but it is equally important to ensure a smooth transition into the new space. In order make the right decision and be well prepared for the move, use our downloadable Office Evaluation Matrix and our Office Opening Checklist to stay within budget and meet timelines. What are the Key Considerations for a New Office? • • • • • • • • Location - is the new office it easy to find? Is accessible via public transit? Space - does the facility provide enough room for expansion? Storage? Price - is the rent reasonably priced, considering the space provided? Terms - are the terms of the lease agreeable? What is the lease length? Accessibility - is the location accessible for the disabled? Safety - is the neighborhood safe for employees going home at night? Technical Requirements - does the space meet technical requirements? Image - does the space personify the image you want for your organization? Action Plan: 1. Prepare for the Move - use our Office Opening Checklist to organize your move. Make sure to delegate responsibilities to members of the moving task force. Update the checklist to include any other tasks that need to be completed both before, and after, you take possession of the new space. 2. Evaluate New Locations - use our Office Evaluation Matrix to evaluate your options and select the right location for your key requirements. 3. Move into the New Office - set up the proper signage so that the movers, employees, and clients can find the office easily. Work with your I/T department to ensure systems will be ready for your target opening date. 4. Post-move Evaluation - Use our Post-project Evaluation to document lessons learned from this project and tie up any loose ends. © 2009 Demand Metric Research Corporation ...
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