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Test 2-SP07 - Phys 208 Theoretical Physics Test 2(March 2...

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Phys 208 – Theoretical Physics – Test 2 (March 2, 2007) 1. (20 pts) An AC voltage source has a voltage amplitude of 20 volts. It is connected to a resistor of 2 ohms and an inductor and capacitor as shown. The frequency of the voltage source is such that 3 L ω = ohms and 0.5 C ω = /ohm. a) Find the impedance of the circuit. b) Find the current amplitude. c) Determine the phase angle for the circuit. d) Write down an expression for the physical current. Does the current lead or lag the applied voltage? e) Determine the average power transferred to the circuit. 2. A function over one period is given as 1, 1 1, ( ) 0, 2 1 and 1 2 x f x x x < < = < < − < < a) Sketch the function over at least three periods. b) Expand it in a Fourier Series. c) To what values will the Fourier series converge to at
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