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1. Capstone Discussion Question · Due Date: Day 3 [ Main ] forum · Post your response to the following: Which part of the writing process was easiest for you? Which part was the most difficult? What did you learn from your writing experience during this class? In what ways have you learned to write more critically? How will this knowledge assist you with your education or in your workplace? The easiest part of the writing process for me was researching. I enjoy the researching process and the information I find and learn. Through researching I was able to find exactly the information I needed to support the point of my essay. The hardest part of the writing process was putting all of that research into my paper. It was easy for me to keep it organized, but I had difficulty explaining what I found in the research without plagiarizing. Making sure to cite sources really seems to break the flow of my thoughts and writing. While I was writing this paper I had to plan each paragraph around how I
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