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Post your response to the following: State your stance on the Terri Schiavo case, and identify the moral value judgment that influenced you to choose your stance. My stance on the case is that Terry Schiavo should have been taken off the feeding tube many years sooner. I don’t know on what level Terry could have been conscious, but I doubt the level was high enough to even know what was happening. I don’t think she may have even known she was Terry Schiavo and that she was in a vegetative state. I could of course be wrong, but I honestly have never heard someone express that they would like to be kept alive if in a vegetative state. I think it is only right to let her die because she was not truly living by normal standards. I think that pulling the feeding tube was the right move because it helped her parents finally accept that she was gone. They could no longer dispute this fact and hold on to
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Unformatted text preview: false hope. They didnt want to keep her alive in case she was conscious on some level; they believed she would actually get better. Letting her die is probably the only way their parents could accept the fact that she was never going to get better. Now the parents can move on with their lives. They might not agree, but I think they are much better off. I think the moral value judgement that influenced me is utilitarianism. Although the parents may believe they would be happier if Terry was kept alive, I believe they would actually become more unhappy, with each passing year that Terry did not get better. It is unclear to me weather Terry herself still had the capacity to feel pain or pleasure, but if conscious enough, I am sure she felt pain....
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