Week2dq2 - Business reading is reports memos and articles My aunt is a university professor and she writes articles for journals She is smart and a

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Business reading is reports, memos and articles. My aunt is a university professor and she writes articles for journals. She is smart and a better writer than my uncle who is a businessman. So critical writers are better than business writers. But critical writing like argumentative essays have structure, so business writing has structure too. It’s not a matter of one kind of writing being harder than the other it’s that the structure is harder. Thanks, There were many areas of vagueness and ambiguity. First off the Owen made many grammar errors, run-on sentences, left words out, and even used the incorrect words. Because of this, many of the sentences just do not flow. It looks as if Owen used a spell checker, but didn’t pick the right corrections to his spelling errors. In Owen’s first paragraph he says that critical thinking affects him all ways. This sentence is ambiguous because we don’t get a clear understanding of if he is affected in all ways, or if he is always affected by it. The next three sentences seem to be making a
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