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• Complete the Multiple Pathways to Learning assessment (pp. 41-44) and the Personality Spectrum assessment (pp. 45-48) in Ch. 2 of Keys to College Studying: Becoming an Active Thinker, and relate the results to your personal study habits. • Post your response to the following: How can you use the study techniques recommended for your personality type and strongest intelligence(s) to function best in a distance learning environment? Which techniques can you use to improve less- developed personality areas or intelligences? Study techniques styled to my personality type and strongest intelligences are very useful. My Strongest Intelligences are Verbal-linguistic, Intrapersonal, and Musical and my personality is an organizer and thinker. Taking notes, and finding quiet study times are assets to my learning. As chapter 2 mentioned, I am comfortable in the typical
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Unformatted text preview: classroom environment and comfortable with textbooks and reading. I have in the past struggled in classes that deviated from the norm in order to touch on other people’s learning styles. My biggest problem is that I have such a large discrepancy between my strengths and weaknesses. I have strong skills in the intelligence areas that I mentioned, and very poor skills in all others. This has shown in the past on my test scores, with very high scores in writing/English, and very poor scores in math and certain sciences. Using techniques to improve my weaker areas would be very beneficial. Techniques I could use are finding texts that explain mathematical concepts in writing, rather than symbols and figures. Also, working with a study group only after studying the material alone, that way I can build on what I already know and hear new ideas....
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