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Each week I probably spend about… 56 hours sleeping (If I’m lucky) 40 hours working. 6-8 hours practicing my violin. 3-5 hours on assignments. 6 hours aimlessly browsing the web. 6 hours vegging in front of the tv 5-7 hours with my friends I don’t usually spend the majority of my time on just one thing. I tend to jump back and forth from doing one thing to another. I don’t think that my time is managed effectively. If I were able to make a set schedule where I set aside a
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Unformatted text preview: certain about of time for each specific thing I’d probably get more done and get things done faster. Sticking to a schedule would be very hard though, since I normally get around to doing things based on my mood at that time. If it was my scheduled time to practice violin, I might not be in the mood to play, so in my mind that practice wouldn’t be very productive, but would be better then no practice....
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