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wk5DQ2 - When it comes to sleeping’s that is dictated by...

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Due Date: Day 4 [ Main ] forum D Post your response to the following: How do you decide which items on your schedule to prioritize on a daily and weekly basis? Which goal from the Setting Goals CheckPoint could you map to daily and weekly deliverables, and what timeframes would you assign to ensure you meet the goal deadline? Each day and week I decide to prioritize things on my schedule by need, want, and due date. When it comes to schoolwork the priority can vary. It is of course a top priority; however, if I have a very busy week, I will finish all of my assignments on my days off, and only log into class to respond to discussion questions. On a slow week, I will normally do assignments on the day they are due. When I need to practice my violin I’ll typically practice more towards the end of the week when my lesson is coming up, rather then a little bit each day. This is a habit I am trying to break.
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Unformatted text preview: When it comes to sleeping’s that is dictated by need. Work is also dictated by need. I need a job, and I need to show up on time to keep it; however, I could change my work schedule if it was a conflict. Things like browsing the Internet and watching TV are driven by want, but also a little bit by need. I of course want that relaxation time and entertainment, but we all need it sometimes too. My goal from the Setting Goals checkpoint that I could map out would be graduating University of Phoenix with an Associates Degree. This goal is very easy to assign time frames for daily and weekly deliverables since a course calendar is provided. I only need to schedule what times are approprate for me to work on assignments based on my personal and work schedule. Planning that time correctly is important so that I cannot only submit the work, but to also submit quality work....
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