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There are many ways that you can use the wealth of Web- based information and still guard against plagiarism outide of the ones mentioned. First and foremost we should always remember that just because information is given freely on the Internet, does not mean that we can use everything we find without regard. The words and ideas do still belong to the person that wrote them, no matter where they’re published. A great way to avoid plagiarism on the web is to read up on your subject, and then write about what you learned from your point of view.
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Unformatted text preview: If you get a good grasp on the subject then you can write knowledgably about it without using direct quotes. Some paraphrasing might be required however. Without fully understanding your subject you may end up using the original authors terms and phrases, instead of formulating your own. Another good way is to strive to be original. If you’re researching and think of a point that you’re not seeing in others writing, then include it in your own writing, or try to approach the topic from a different angle then others do....
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