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wk4DQ1 - concerned with getting a good grade that...

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Plagiarism would be a grave offense because the offender would essentially be stealing the author’s ideas and hard work. The author typically puts a lot of time, passion and research into an article, book or paper. Think, if you wrote a research paper, really poured your heart and soul into the project, only to find out someone later “borrowed” your idea, and received credit for all of the work you had done. Most anyone would be upset in that situation. If properly credited for their work with the use of citations, the author may feel honored by the reference to their work. When it comes to academic writing students are so
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Unformatted text preview: concerned with getting a good grade, that plagiarism seems idyllic. Plagiarism may seem like an easy way to get a good grade, but the risks are too great. If you’re caught there can be serious consequences. Students must also consider that if they plagiarize their work, they won’t truly learn anything of value about the subject. Many students are eager to achieve high grades, but if they plagiarize and cheat, they will leave college unlearned and unequipped for the work place. This will effectively turn their diploma into “just a piece of paper”....
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