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Wk2DQ2 - look up multiple websites on the same subject and...

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Conducting research online and in a traditional library can be very different. When you visit a traditional library your biggest asset is the librarian. This person has a vast knowledge of the inventory and knows how to use the libraries computers to effectively find just want you need. Traditional libraries typically carry books with very reliable and verified contents, there is very little fact checking required. When researching online, outside of online libraries, like the one here at Axia, you have to look at everything with a critical eye. Much of what you find online is not verified, filled with bias, and may be out-dated information. There are ways to get around this, the most effective way s to check the information you find with reliable sources. Another effective strategy is to
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Unformatted text preview: look up multiple websites on the same subject, and see what information coincides and what doesn’t. Researching online seems much faster and easier, however verifying the information you discover can take as much time as taking a trip to the library. My personal approach to conducting academic web searches will be to start with the university library and then move onto to web to get more ideas on a subject and check their accuracy against what I found in the library. If what I found online was drastically different from the verified source it wouldn’t be wise to use that information in an academic paper. I can use Boolean operators to narrow down my Internet searches and the library will help me by allowing me to search databases by subject, blocking out any un-related material....
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