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Setting Goals

Setting Goals - this in the next 3 months 2 Buy a house a...

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Long-Term and Short-Term Goals 1) Graduate University of Phoenix with an Associates Degree. a. Make a to-do list, set out exactly what I should achieve each day, which assignments to work on, what amount of time I can spare for them, etc. This will help keep me on track and ensure that I never hand in late assignments. – I will accomplish this daily b. Set a schedule up for the week each week – Depending on what is going on in my personal life, each week may leave me with varying amounts of time to devote to school. If I will be busy later in the week, it’d be wise to schedule myself to work on assignments early in the week. I’ll need to sit down and prioritize certain things to keep me on track. – Accomplish each week. c. Work on my math skills to prepare for future math classes – this will help me to be more confidant in my math skills. I want to actually learn the math concepts and not only barely pass my classes. – I will accomplish
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Unformatted text preview: this in the next 3 months. 2) Buy a house. a. Save a portion of each paycheck for down payment funds – It is important to me to save some money rather then waste in on frivolous things I do not really need. This is easy to do is I budget wisely. - I will accomplish this goal every-two weeks, with my paychecks. b. Clean up my credit – while my credit is good, a high balance on my credit cards brings down my score, I need to pay off credit card debts. I will save money if I can get a low interest rate on a home loan, a good credit score will accomplish this. – I will accomplish this by the end of the year. c. Advance in my career and earn more money. - The more money I earn the more secure I appear to potential lenders. This goal is in direct relation to my goal of graduating University of Phoenix, but also can be achieved through hard work at my current job. - I will accomplish this goal in the next 1-2 years....
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