Mastering+a+Skill - Critical Thinking By, Danielle White...

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Critical Thinking By, Danielle White There are many skills that we use everyday of our lives, ones that are so common that we do not even think about them. There are also skills that few people have, the ones who do have these skills are often more successful in life for having them. A skill that most people do not have, but would benefit from, is critical thinking. Critical thinking is defined in Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English as “ the mental process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion”. This means that we look at the world around us and analyze everything we come into contact with. There are many things that people do that they do not even stop to think about, things that we readily accept without question, and say “that’s just the way things are”. A critical thinker asks why, and looks at different points of view with fair-mindedness. As humans we tend to make decisions based on emotions, while emotions are a part of being human, I believe it is important to find a balance between our emotions and logic. Critical thinking is a way to find that balance. We make many decisions based on
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Mastering+a+Skill - Critical Thinking By, Danielle White...

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