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I attend Axia College entirely online, I never have to carry big books around or worry about being late to class. At Axia College we use distance learning, instead the traditional classroom. Distance learning is a very convenient option if you work full-time; raise children or any reason that could hold you back from a degree. You can “go to class” entirely at your leisure, which leaves plenty of time to get tough assignments finished. Our classrooms are set up like an online forum, except we call it “threaded discussion.” This allows us to have conversations and discussions, just like a real classroom. Each thread of conversation builds off one another, making one big conversation with many different topics. We exchange our messages through asynchronous communication. That means that we continue a current conversation when we have the time to get online, instead of in real time. It is similar to text messaging; the message waits for you, until you have a free moment to check the message and reply. When I get home I can log into class
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