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CheckPointTechnological Tools - When reading a text file or...

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In my opinion the tutorials are most useful to me. Although I have vast computer and Internet knowledge, I do tend to scan web pages too quickly, and miss some details. The library tutorial is very useful for me, since it points out helpful features like database connection issues and the ask a librarian feature. The tutorial also shows convenient ways to narrow my searches to find exactly what I need. The digital stories actually are not very useful to me. I learn much easier by reading information, rather then listening to an audio file or live speaker. If I listen to an audio file or to someone speaking in person, I need to take notes in order to retain the information. If I am listening to a live speaker I will miss important information if I don’t take notes quickly enough. If I am listening to an audio file or digital story I will need to replay the file a few times over in order to make sure I understood everything.
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Unformatted text preview: When reading a text file or book I retain most all the information and any information that I am unsure of I can re-read and refer back to at any time. I do think that it is important to have these features for students who’s learning style differs. Most people that I know are the opposite of me and would find the audio files very beneficial, and do not like to read long text files. Although I don’t find the audio files or digital stories useful I do find the portability of Axia College it self very valuable. I’ve recently purchased an iPhone and I now am able to visit Axia College online no matter where I am, on my cell phone. I am very happy that Axia’s new ecampus is iphone compatible, this way I can check my feedback, responses and upcoming assignments at work, at a friend’s house; nearly anywhere....
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