CheckPointReading and Comprehension

CheckPointReading and Comprehension - I tend to become more...

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There were 580 words in the article and I read it in 1 minute 27 seconds so that would make my WPM 369. The main points of the article were. . To use new information that you don’t normally hear about a subject. Something that will make your presentation stand out. Practice before giving your information. Using good props that are relevant Leaving out comedy Avoid giving too much info Make the presentation center around the audience My approach to reading the selection was to just jump right in and read it. The vocabulary used in it wasn’t too complicated, and the text was broken into sections, making it much less intimidating and easier to read. I also had a cup of coffee before beginning my assignments in order to help me concentrate. My reading setting was at home, in my bedroom, at my computer desk. In order to avoid distractions I put the mute on my TV before reading the text. I didn’t really become emotionally involved; it was information I have heard before.
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Unformatted text preview: I tend to become more emotionally involved when reading something new that I haven’t heard or read before. My purpose for reading the selection was to complete this assignment and to read for understanding. Lastly, there weren’t any vocabulary terms that I was unfamiliar with. Some of the less-often seen words in the selection were… Contradictory – the meaning in this article is information that goes against information given earlier in your presentation. Cognitive – In this article this means the audiences ability to understand and remember your information. Obscure – In this article this means, the one piece of information that is generally not known or realized by the general public. Emphasize – In this article this means to bring attention to your information and enforce your ideas. Protagonist – In the article this means to make the audience the focus of your presentation. Talk about their problems and then how you propose to fix them....
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CheckPointReading and Comprehension - I tend to become more...

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