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Anthony, you didn’t write obvious sexist terms, or anything very discriminating towards women, however you didn’t use inclusive language, this is why your discussion response came off sexist. Inclusive language is using words that do not exclude certain groups of people, in this case, women. For example you used the term business lady, the term itself is entirely harmless, nothing may at first seem offensive. However, when you think about it, there really is no need to point out the fact that the speaker was a woman; a better term would be businessperson, or just ‘the speaker’. You also used terms like “good old boys”, “the managers and their wives”, “guys” and “man”. In each example you excluded women, the overall impression your words gave was that women could not be managers and that business etiquette would only help men advance in the workplace. The best way to resolve this is to use gender-neutral words, like businesspeople and mention just managers and not their wives, since that will usually give people the
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