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Programming Assignment 1: Turtle Graphics Due: 11:59pm, Thursday, September 30 Overview You will use simple turtle graphics to create a three line drawing consisting of the following text, where XX should be replaced with the two letters from your own CS11 login id : CS11FXX FALL 2010 All letters will be drawn in upper case. Setup In your home directory, create a new directory called pa1 and go into that directory: mkdir ~/pa1 cd pa1 Copy over a set of base files from the public directory that will provide the drawing environment for this assignment. Notice the single dot at the end of this command. The dot means the current working directory, which is pa1 after you executed the cd command above. cp -r ~/. ./public/bookClasses . Instructions You should create a Java file called under ~/pa1 . This is the only file that needs to be turned in with this assignment. This file will contain all the Java methods that will run your program. To compile your code, use the following: javac –cp ./bookClasses:. To run your program, use the following: java –cp ./bookClasses:. CS11Turtle Your code will directly use only two classes from bookClasses : World and Turtle . World is the drawing canvas and Turtle is the pen that will do the drawing. Turtle extends SimpleTurtle , which is another class under bookClasses . You will only be dealing with methods of SimpleTurtle to do all your drawing. The Javadoc API for this class, and others in bookClasses , can be accessed by opening the file bookClasses/doc/index.html in a web browser. You should definitely take a look at the API for SimpleTurtle as all the needed drawing methods are covered there. Note on the SimpleTurtle methods turnLeft and turnRight : these methods do not make the turtle face in the left or right direction. Rather, they rotate the turtle 90 counterclockwise or clockwise, respectively.
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pa1 - :TurtleGraphics Due:11:59pm,Thursday,September30...

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