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CSE 105: Introduction to the Theory of Comptuation Fall 2010 Problem Set 4 Instructor: Daniele Micciancio Due on: Wed. Nov 3, 2010 Guidelines: Same as for homework 1. Solutions to the homework should be submitted electronically using turnin, and you should submit a single pdf file together with 2 jflap files (1.jff,2.jff), all zipped according to the instructions on the class website. Remember to write your name on the pdf file. Problem 1 Use JFLAP to design Push Down Automata for the following language. Submit your solution as JFLAP file 1.jff, and include a brief description of your solution in the text. The set of all strings over the alphabet { a,b } that contain an unequal number of a ’s and b ’s (in any order). For example, the strings abbabba,bbb are in the language, while aaabbb,abab are not. Problem 2 Give a Context Free Grammar for the set of all strings over the alphabet { a,b } that are not palyndromes. (Remember that a palyndrome is a string that reads the same when spelled backward.) For example
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