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Jessie Lassabe Charter Information

Jessie Lassabe Charter Information - Visual-spatial will...

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Charter Information Personal Info Name: Jessie Lassabe Phone: 660-947-2597 Fax: n/a Email: [email protected] Skill Inventory Strengths: Organized, effective communicator, time management Areas for improvement: trusting others to complete task Multiple Intelligences Highest intelligence: Visual-spatial/Logical Mathematical Weakest intelligence: intrapersonal/naturalistic Implications for team performance: My highest intelligences will allow me to work through problems and to use logic to help guide the group. My weakest not allow me to understand my own feeling. I tend to keep them balled up inside me until I burst. Implications for team communication:
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Unformatted text preview: Visual-spatial will allow me to create diagrams to help show the groups ideas so that others will be able to understand them. Personality Type Personality type: Thinker/Adventurer Implications for team performance: I can think outside the box and be able to give answers to problems through experience and knowledge thus never plagiarizing and keeping the group on track. Implications for team communication: I am very flexible and will be able to make time either through the night or even the day to be able to keep the team moving forwards and continuing communication....
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