TeamBJessie'saddedintro - P rofessional Values and Ethics...

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Professional Values and Ethics 1 Professional Values and Ethics Tonya Huff Jessie Lassabe Amanda Tsykalyuk Karl Wiscombe GEN 200 December 13, 2010 Jacob Harris Professional Values and Ethics Intro Professional values and ethics can persuade a person from succeeding in his or her professional life. These two seemingly minor aspects of a person can make or break a person when trying to succeed. These aspects are the base of how a person behaves and acts. Even though not every ones ethics or values are the same, success is still the striving goal in most professions. Values and Ethics Defined Values are ideas held by human individuals or groups about what is desirable, proper, good or bad (Values, 1993). Differing values are an important aspect of the diversity of human cultures (Values, 1993). Everyone have some values that go by in life even in the professional career and it something that are taught to the person or the person caught on too in their life Ethics that justified moral values that should direct the work of professionals; and the moral values that actually do guide groups of professionals (Professional ethics.1999). Ethic is more less a person altitude about themselves that they personal believe, and like guide to how the person think, which, could be good, are bad. Ethic is like a code among professional that each person with hold these rules that sometimes like law in that person professional career. However, professional responsibility and decorum enable the members of a profession both to learn from one another and to avoid entering into the overt competition that would destroy the career
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TeamBJessie'saddedintro - P rofessional Values and Ethics...

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