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Response includes a brief description in student’s own words of the following and includes where and when each law originated: 1750 B.C. The Code of Hammurabi- This code is widely used in Christian bible in the Old Testament “an eye for an eye.” However it was created by King Hammurabi in Babylon 621 B.C. Draco’s Law- was created for Athens by Draco whom was a Greek citizen. This is also one of the harshest set of laws giving death to most of the offensives. 450 B.C. Law of the Twelve Tribes- the Law of the twelve tribes is not what it sounds like. It was created by 10 Roman men to help govern the Roman citizen. This basically led to the writing of laws down and not leaving complete power to the judges. The Law must be written. 529 A.D. Justinian Code- The set of written laws is where we get the term Justice. This set of laws named after Emperor of Byzantium set legal maximums of punishment for certain crimes committed. 1215 A. D. Magna Carta- This is due process that was created under King John. This allowed for
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