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Axia College Material Appendix G Security Assessment Directions Choose two settings from Ch. 9 of the text and list each setting. Then, complete the following tables. List five threats appropriate to the environment from the setting you chose. Rate the risk for each threat from 0 (low) to 10 (high). Then, list five appropriate countermeasures, including at least two countermeasures specific to physical security and one countermeasure specific to personnel and security management. Once you have completed the tables, write a brief explanation of each countermeasure, stating how the countermeasure reduces the risk associated with that threat. Setting 1: Bank THREAT RISK COUNTERMEASURE Probability Criticality Total Example: Information theft 4 7 11 Employee screening, limited computer access, and computer monitoring Internal theft 7 8 15 Cameras everywhere so that the entire place is visible by a security camera. Robberies 3 3 6 Security guards, and bullet proof locking doors Check Fraud 9 9 18 Id customers to cash checks, track all checks to make sure they are legal tender, this can be
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cjs250_appendix_g - Axia College Material Appendix G...

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