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week 7 checkpoint cjs - United States I feel this way...

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The public relations image and professionalism of the private security sector are still both up in the air. However, according to the article the professionalism in most states is becoming very strong. Since most of the private security professionals are off duty police officers, the helps create a bond between the police department and the private security sector. However, the public relations image is still a tossup. Many people in the public see the private security sector as getting to much power and acting as if they are law enforcement. This would include the possibility of infringing on a person’s constitutional rights. If the private security sector is getting the same if not more attention as the cops if something goes wrong the media will give it an exploded point of view. This is not a very good idea. I personally thing that private security would greatly benefit the overall population of the
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Unformatted text preview: United States, I feel this way because the local police departments are having a horrible time keeping up with the criminals and the crimes. Private security thinks more about preventing the crime. In the modern day the police departments do not show up till after the crimes have already been committed. The private security officers would drastically reduce the taxes we must pay to have security and the public would get better security to be able to feel safer in their homes. It is possible that all the red tape the police department must go through can almost be completely eliminated by private security. When a crime happens on the property that is being protected, the security personnel does not have to wait for a search warrant as long as the tenant signed a lease and agreed to these terms. I think private security could change the face of the justice system in America....
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