sci 230 final - Galapagos Island 1 By Jessie Lassabe Please...

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By: Jessie Lassabe 01/24/2010 SCI/230 Please Help Save Me Galapagos Island 1 Save The Unique Galapagos Islands
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Galapagos Island 2 When it comes to the Galapagos Islands there is a diversity of unique creatures found nowhere else on earth. This diversity has been caused through the perfect environment and the seclusion of these islands. These creatures all depend on each other and their environment. However, since humans have started visiting the Galapagos Islands they have left a large imprint. Some of the creatures that have lived here has been affected by this imprint and now are suffering for food and habitats for them to live. This has caused some species to become completely extinct and others are also suffering just to survive. There have been some steps to help safe guard the Galapagos Islands. The government in this area has created some reserve areas however these areas are not enough. There are species that are not in this little are that are still endangered. In addition, there have been numerous different organizations that have also helped fight and protect the Galapagos Islands. However, they need help and as much as they can get. So in this essay I will explain the things that are needed to help individuals to fight and help save the Galapagos Island. The diversity of life forms found in the Galapagos Islands is due to its location, and it being uninhabited for such a long time. There is types of animals found there that are not found anywhere else in the world. These animals had no natural predators. Thus they were able to grow without fear. Animals that would normally fly to feed can stay on the ground in eat fruit and other foods such as that because nothing would harm them. In addition, when Charles Darwin studied the animal life in the Galapagos Island he had discovered thirteen different types of finches. This is truly amazing because nowhere else on earth is there that many types of finches
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sci 230 final - Galapagos Island 1 By Jessie Lassabe Please...

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