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The process of mitosis and meiosis are both important to a living organism because this is what allows the living organism to reproduce sexually. In animals and people and any other living organism uses this to provide DNA from both donors. However, plants do meiosis to create haploid cells that allow the plant to divide with out spores, or germination. An organism would need to undergo the process of mitosis when it is sick and needs more white blood cells, to grow, and to repair it’s self. However, meiosis is mainly for reproduction. I personally feel that the diversity of cells that can be created from meiosis is where evolution starts. This would be the root of the needed changes. Besides, evolutions
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Unformatted text preview: having the need of an outside influence to even have a need for the change. If meiosis did not occur then the organisms would need to figure out a different way of reproduction. Also if meiosis did not occur then the gametes would just double instead of just having half of the chromosomes. This would cause identical DNA instead of having that diversity that would normally occur. In addition, to meiosis not occurring in humans this could produce a more advanced race of beings. Of course these are my untested theories only. I have not done the research and testing yet!!....
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